What are these new compatibilizers / coupling agents for?

Resalloy are unique statistic PS copolymers functionalized with reactive epoxy (or maleic anhydride, or carboxylic). These copolymers generally work at the surface and / or the interface to improve the adhesion or the compatibility between a non-polar styrenic-based substrate and a (reactive) polar substrate such as polycondensates, mineral fillers or fibers.

The Mw, the type and the concentration of reactive groups can be adjusted to match with your specific requirements.

Styrenic matrix of Resalloy

Which polymer blends can I compatibilize?

As described below, Resalloy enables you to blend the following styrenic matrix (left) with another matrix or filler from the right:

Possible blends with Resalloy resins

For which functionalities can I value Resalloy?

As shown in the table below, this set of compatibilizers offer a broad range of functionalities, for various applications:

Compatibilizer Coupling agent Adhesion
Improve the performance
of Polymers blends
Improve compatibility / Adhesion between a matrix and a filler Increase adhesion between 2 substrates Modify the rheology of a matrix / coating
Styrenic / polyester blends
SBC blends
Filled styrenics
PPO blends
Filled PPO
Epoxy resins
Bi-component parts
Table 1: Possible functionality of Resalloy compatibilizers

Which benefits can I expect from Resalloy?

To illustrate this, see below how an epoxy functionalized grade of Resalloy improves on morphology and on mechanical performance of a PS/PET blend.

PS/PET PS/PET with compatibilizer
Modulus 551 MPa 584 MPa
Yield Strength 38 MPa 55 MPa
Elongation at break 7.5% 11%
Melt flow index 19 gr/10 min @ 200°C, 5 kg 12 gr/10 min @ 200°C, 5 kg
PS/PET blend with Resalloy PS/PET blends= without Resalloy
Table 2: Comparison of a PS/PET blend with and without the Resalloy

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